Quick Ways to Lose Weight – Weightloss Tips

Quick Ways to Lose Weight – Weightloss Tips

Weight Loss is 20% exercise and 80% proper diet. Even vigorous exercise alone is not sufficient for healthy, effective weight loss. A nutritious, balanced diet is the major player in attaining a healthy weight, safely.

1. Plan a nutritious diet, with the right-sized portions. 

A proper diet consists of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Each meal should have a mix of It’s a common myth that eliminating fat entirely means losing weight. In fact, fat plays an essential role in skin suppleness and elasticity. Without fat-intake, your body cannot absorb essential vitamins and minerals. Good fats are considered mono-unsaturated fats, which the body can break down easily. A few examples are olive oil, avocados, nuts, and fish-which contain omega-3s. Bad fats are trans-fat or saturated fat, and easily noted on all nutrition labels. Another word for this is partially hydrogenated oil.

2. Take a multi-vitamin, and drink about 8 glasses of water a day. 

A multi-vitamin is essential to ensuring that you are getting a complete dose of vitamins and minerals-especially during hectic wedding planning. Your body needs water to effectively flush out the waste and your skin will glow! Also, drinking water before meals will slow your appetite and food intake, aiding your weight loss goals safely.

3. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies (the greener the better), along with your meals. 

While meals should be portioned appropriately, fruits and veggies can be consumed anytime you are hungry! If you want to maintain your current body weight, and there are days when you are not able to exercise because of time-constraints, simply eating healthy should keep your body status quo. However, try to work in even 15 minutes of exercise and toning, as it’s a great stress releaser and mood-booster!

4. Exercise for weightloss and other benefits

Exercise is important for weightloss, but beyond weight loss, the benefits are endless! Exercise reduces heart disease, cholesterol, and helps prevent against a variety of diseases. Exercise releases endorphins-or mood boosting chemicals in your brain. Exercises helps your body’s strength, stamina, and aging process.

5. The Right Mix of Exercise

Most exercise routines should consist of aerobic (anything that increases the target heart rate, i.e. running, cycling, dancing, etc)and anaerobic ( weight lifting, stretching, calisthenics). There’s also plenty of fun ways to get that exercise in by dancing or playing sports or even walking your dogs!

6. Allot the right amount of time depending on your weight loss! 

Don’t be too focused on the scale. Remember, are doing a wonderful thing for yourself just by eating right & exercising at a rate that works for you.

If you follow above tips, you will surely see quick weightloss results – but remember weightloss requires consistency in diet and exercise. Above all regardless of what diet plan or weightloss technique you chose, make sure you are not sacrificing your health for it. Remember, if being overweight is bad for health, so is being anorexic, or losing weight overnight.